Fuel Delivery

Logicoil will deliver quality fuel in a Reliable, Safe and Efficient manner.

Our comprehensive fleet which ranges from Road Trains to Rigids provides the right vehicle combinations to ensure each delivery, no matter how large or small, is completed safely, efficiently and cost effectively. All delivery vehicles are fitted with on board computers, this equipment assists us to provide the highest levels of service and accuracy.

Bio Fuels

The environmentally friendly alternative.

Biodiesel is a renewable fuel that helps reduce our dependence on crude oil and gas.

The physical properties of biodiesel, including energy content, are very similar to mineral diesel. It is a suitable replacement fuel for most applications particularly for transport, mining and remote power generation.

The performance of biodiesel blends 5% (B5); 10% (B10) and 20% (B20) matches that of diesel fuel in torque, power and fuel economy. Biodiesel’s high Cetane number, flash point and increased lubricity mean excellent engine performance and safety.

With the introduction of the proposed Carbon Tax, the use of Biodiesel will help offset the impact of the tax and save you money.

“…..the substitution of a single litre of mineral diesel with biodiesel will reduce the CO2 released into the atmosphere by approximately 2kg.”

Onsite Refueling

Reliable, Efficient, Convenient and Cost Effective solution to your fuel needs.

Logicoil services a varied industry group including Industrial, Earth moving and Transport Fleets with our “On-Site” Refueling tankers.

We provide a reliable, cost effective and convenient refueling service for clients who require a hassle free refueling option.

Savings are achieved by superior utilisation of your machine operator’s time, the elimination of running costs and storage facilities and the prevention of contamination, leakage or theft of your valuable fuel stocks. Taking into consideration penalties associated with environmental protection policies this service provides total peace of mind.

Our onboard computer reporting system ensures accurate and accountable service which enables us to provide detailed statements saving our customers valuable time.

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