Logicoil encourage a learning organisation which benefits from our own experience and that of other parties. We provide risk management systems and procedures that are relevant to the nature of the work being undertaken and measure our performance against established targets and seek to continually improve our environmental performance.

We promote and encourage the use of Bio Fuels.

We have adopted “best practices” in relation to refuelling and methods of dispensing. To deliver against our aim of “Zero product to the ground” we:

  • Are committed to our belief that all incidents are preventable
  • Communicate with and train all employees and other stakeholders as appropriate to ensure that they are aware of and can meet their obligations.
  • All of our drivers are fully trained and accredited in all aspects of fuel deliveries. These include Dangerous Goods Licence, Australian Industry of  Petroleum
  • Passport, Rail Track Induction and Maritime Security Identification Card.
  • Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and statutory obligations.

Logicoil considers safety to be paramount and is pro-active in providing a workplace that encourages, stimulates and embraces health and safety within its operations.